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SPINNING: Drum Carders

If you are serious about spinning wool from your fleece, a Drum Carder is not a luxury: itís the tool that makes your time productive. Youíll spin a more even yarn faster with drum-carded fiber. Also makes batts for felting.

The Mark V is not being made as of Spring 2014. We hope that it will be back before too long.

The Mark V is solid equipment, well-supported, at a competitive price. Action is adjustable (rarely needed, but essential). Comes with clamps and doffer. The fiber belt drive is very sure: 8:1 carding ratio, 7¼" diameter drum, 72 teeth/inch, total carding area is 168 square inches. Batts run about an ounce. Comes with instruction booklet. Shipping weight 17 LB. Excluded from Volume Discount Schedule.

Also a fine drum carder. Enclosed gears are non-slipping and require no further lubrication. The extra-long (½"), high-grade plated wire teeth are very flexible. The drum is 7½" across, 10" diameter. Drum size and tooth length allow this carder to produce extra-long and thick batts. The Classic (formerly the one with fine cloth) has 46 teeth/square inch. The Standard has 72 teeth/square inch. Two table clamps and cleaning brush included, shipping weight is 17 LB. Excluded from Volume Discount Schedule.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Davidson Doffer (for Mark V) spMVDF ea 16.70 1.0
Drive Belt for Mark V Carder, Replacement spMVDB ea 18.50 0.3
Adjustable Plastic Bearing for Mark V spMVAB ea 6.00 0.0
(OS indefinitely) Mark V Drum Carder spMVDC ea 398.00 18.0
Louet Drum Carder- Standard spLDCC ea 650.00 20.0
Louet Drum Carder- Classic spLDCF ea 650.00 19.0
Doffer Brush for Drum Carder, Louet spLDCB ea 36.00 1.0
(Updated June 2015)

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