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SPINNING: Small Tools & Accessories

One of the very oldest of the world’s tools, still an effective way of making yarn: easy, portable, inexpensive. The Louet has a turned veneer plywood whorl (the bottom whirl has a hook on top, top whirl – hook on bottom); the Davidson has the hook on the bottom. The Schacht 4" and 3" are now "hi-lo", with a hook at the whorl end and a notch at the other, for either high or low whorling. The long-shafted Schacht Navajo is a hip-roll spindle. The Schacht Pear Tahkli has a brass shaft with a hook, a pear-shaped maple whorl.
Schacht Hi-Lo spindles

Bent teeth set in rubberized canvas for easy action and long life. Hardwood handles and backs. Handcards come in pairs that work together; Flick Carders come singly.
Basic instructions for Drop Spindles & Handcards are free with order - just ask. Or find them on our web-site: go "Home" and then to "Instructions".
Traditional turned-wood skein-makers. The Louet has two shafts with different lengths, for a choice of two skein lengths.
MINI COMBS An alternative to handcards — a single row of longer, stiffer teeth set into a 2 x 4 inch base attached to a handle. Made by Louet.
SPINNING EQUIPMENT OIL A special blend formulated for spinning wheels and drum carders. Apply a drop to each of the wear points of your equipment.

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qty est ship wt ea
Drop Spindle 4 in (Lg, 3 oz) Schacht spSRDS ea 24.00 23.40 0.6
Drop Spindle 3 in (Med, 2.2 oz) Schacht spSTDS ea 24.00 23.40 0.5
Drop Spindle Navajo Schacht spSNDS ea 34.00 33.15 1.3
Drop Spindle, Pear Tahkli Schacht spSPDS ea 24.00 23.40 0.0
Louet Sheep Drop Spindle, Bottom Whirl spLDS1 ea 18.95 18.50 1.0
Louet Sheep Drop Spindle, Top Whirl spLDS2 ea 18.95 18.50 0.5
Cards Wool Curved-72 psi Schacht spSW01 pair 95.00 92.63 2.0
Cards Wool Straight-72 psi Schacht spSW02 pair 95.00 92.63 3.0
Cards Wool Curved-112 psi Schacht spSW09 pair 95.00 92.63 2.0
Cards Wool Straight-112 psi Schacht spSW10 pair 95.00 92.63 2.0
Cards Cotton Curved-208 psi Schacht spSC05 pair 101.00 98.48 3.0
Cards Cotton Straight-208 psi Schacht spSC06 pair 101.00 98.48 3.0
Ashford Handcards, Wool Student 72 psi spACS1 pair 82.00 79.95 0.6
Ashford Handcards, Wool Regular 72 psi spACW1 pair 69.00 67.28 2.0
Superflex Handcards, curved spFLEX pair 65.00 63.90 3.0
Ashford Handcards Cotton Regular 108 psi spACC1 pair 72.00 70.20 2.0
Flick Carder-72 psi Schacht spSFLI ea 36.00 35.10 1.0
Mini Combs, Single Row spLMIN pr 104.00 99.85 1.0
Schacht Oil Bottle WS6901- Med Needle Tip spSoiL ea 9.50 9.26 0.1
(Updated November 19, 2020)

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