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DYES: Natural Dyestuffs

As of March 2019, we are unable to get any natural dyes besides the few listed below. Hopefully this will change. Very basic instructions for Natural Dyes and Mordanting can be found on this site. Catherine Ellis' recipe for aluminum acetate mordant for cellulose fibers is here.

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Item code put-up $
qty est ship wt ea
Osage Orange Sawdust dnoS2a 2 oz 2.90 0.4
Osage Orange Sawdust dnoS8a 8 oz 7.60 1.0
Osage Orange Sawdust dnoS2p 2 lb 26.70 3.0
Indigo (natural) dnIN1a 1/2 oz 3.50 0.2
Indigo (natural) dnIN2a 2 oz 9.10 0.4
Indigo (natural) dnIN8a 8 oz 29.80 0.7
Pre-Reduced Indigo dsIN1a 3/4 oz 6.99 0.1
Pre-Reduced Indigo dsIN8a 8 oz 34.29 0.7
Pre-Reduced Indigo dsIN1p 1 lb 63.99 1.3
(Updated May 28, 2022)

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